Shocking! 4 Flights emergency landing at RGIA!


International flights emergency landing in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

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Four international flights were forced to make an emergency landing due to heavy fog on the Sunday morning at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. These four flights were flying from Saudi Arabia to Delhi, Jeddah to Lucknow, Singapore to Delhi and Dubai to Bangladesh.

These flights were forced to make an emergency landing in the northern part of India was totally covered with snow and heavy fog.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is covered under a blanket of fog. An official said that the airport had CAT-IIIA system which assisted the landing and taking off of the aircraft even at foggy conditions.

The airports were badly affected by these conditions, and passengers to are suffering on account of delays. These delays were caused by delayed arrivals and also inability to operate flights from the airport.

Due to flight delays, travel plans of many passengers went haywire.

Not only the airports, due to thick fog in the areas surrounding Shamshabad, like Rajendranagar, Shadnagar, on the National Highway to Bengaluru, and on the Outer Ring Road affected traffic for some time.

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