Wednesday, March 22, 2023
HomelatestDuplicate Modi in Hyderabad

Duplicate Modi in Hyderabad

Prime Minister Look-Alike Took City Folks By Surprise!

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He is a twin image of Prime Minister Modi, who took city folks by surprise. People normally visit, Charminar for sight-seeing and they get fascinated by the monument and shopping around. But for once, local people are tourists were shocked to see a man in a striking resemblance to Prime Minister Modi.

Mr. Sadananda Nayak, a twin image of Modi, took everyone by surprise. This message spread fast on social media as well, leaving the netizens startled.He attracted people, wearing the trademark attire of Modi with a turban and a saffron shawl, which made more number of people to gather at the monument to get a sight of him.

Mr. Sadananda Nayak is a resident of Karnataka. He came to Hyderabad as a tourist along with his family on Saturday. In his list of places to see in Hyderabad, Charminar was one of the attractions. When people questioned him out of curiosity, he revealed he was a cook earlier, but now has been taken in by BJP party to participate in the party programs in Karnataka.Many people to sightsee, have clicked him and also took some selfies with Modi look-alike.

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