All Is Not Well Between Rajamouli And Ramoji Rao?

Is Any Clash Between Rajamouli And Ramoji Rao

Is Any Clash Between Rajamouli And Ramoji Rao

Posted June 6, 2018, 7:02 pm at 19:02

Two magnificent giants of Telugu land, S.S Rajamouli and the Ramoji Rao are speculated to be facing off with each other. The reasons for their dispute is enlisted by the movie analysts for the readers.It is a known thing that the visionary director Rajamouli shot the Baahubali series in Ramoji Film City and about 70-75% of its regular shoot was done inside the RFC. From renting a huge place inside RFC to supporting the production team with all the necessary set properties Ramoji Rao contributed indirectly to this flick.

Not just that, he used his media and paper to promote the flick in as many languages as he could to increase the buzz prior and post to the release. All was well between the Baahubali makers and Ramoji Rao until the release of the movie. For all the help, it was speculated that Ramoji Rao asked Rajamouli for the satellite rights of the series for allowing him the RFC for which latter disagreed to give as the producers already sold it to others. Deeply hurt with this act of the makers, Ramoji Rao said to be sent a total bill of 90+ crores to the producers Shobu and Prasad. As they approached the director Rajamouli, he went and had a word with Ramoji Rao.

Sources who observed their meetings reveal that the talks failed and Rajamouli left without paying anything extra.Since then, these two are not on talking terms with each other and this news has been out very recently. Ramoji Rao is rumored to be not allowing any of Rajamouli’s future flicks to be shot in the Film City. Movie lovers hope these two to patch up for the mutual betterment.

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