Kumaraswamy Reveals The Secrets Of CBN And KCR

Kumaraswamy Reveals The Secrets Of CBN And KCR

Kumaraswamy Reveals The Secrets Of CBN And KCR

Posted June 6, 2018, 6:01 pm at 18:01

The new CM of Karnataka, Kumaraswamy has spoken out his heart out about the mysterious elections and its results for the first time with a National media. Explaining his feelings at the time of results, this 23rd CM of the State disclosed the support given by his good friends CBN and KCR.Both Chief Ministers of the Telugu States, CBN and KCR consider the Congress party as its rival for life. These two CMs are fighting with the Congress and its allies in their respective positions since ages supporting the NDA Government. Recently, these two powerful CMs became anti to the Modi Sarkar and they aimed to dethrone Modi from the PM chair in the upcoming elections.

For this mission, they are even getting ready to join hands with their rival Congress. Speculations over this possible alliance of all anti-Modi parties like TDP, TRS etc with Congress are making huge rounds among the Political circles. In this context, revelations by the Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy just intensified the authenticity of these rumors.In his recent interview, Kumaraswamy declared that he was in a dilemma post the elections of 2019 but the two Telugu Chief Ministers CBN and KCR asked him to support Congress and defeat BJP.

Also, the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee too added chorus to the Telugu CMs and advised him to join hands with the Congress. Thus he became CM and a new partner of Indian National Congress Party. It is quite evident that even though they are fighting with the Congress party in their respective States, the notable statesmen like Mamtha, CBN and KCR are keen on supporting the Congress when it comes to the National Politics. Now we can almost declare that NDA is getting bigger rival than it expected.

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