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HomelatestModi Receives A Befitting Reply From A Telangana Man

Modi Receives A Befitting Reply From A Telangana Man

Modi Receives A Befitting Reply From A Telangana Man

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The Indian Prime Minister has been testing the patience of Indian Voters by hiking the fuel prices every now and then. Now a man from Telangana has given a perfect counter which is now doing rounds on the internet.A Telangana voter named Chandu Goud is one of the frustrated man with the ridiculous hike of fuel prices among many Indian Voters. He recently went to a petrol bunk to get a litre of petrol for 83 rupees.

On the same day, to his luck, the Indian PM who made the petrol price from 73 to 83 has reduced it to 82.91 that means, he has reduced just 9 paise leaving all the motor vehicle owners in vain. So this Chandu Goud asked for 9 paise in return from the Petrol bunk owners. As it is difficult to return 9 paise, they filled 83 rupees of petrol and the furious Chandu Goud decided to give a retort to the Indian PM and NDA Government. He immediately went to his Siricialla’s collector and gave him a cheque of 9 paise to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund which made headlines apparently. There are many Chandu Gouds in entire India and they are hailing the act of this Telangana Telugu man and his guts.

NDA Government is irking the people with its continuous ridiculous acts of Demonetization, GST and increasing fuel and goods prices etc. Already some parties are forming an alliance against the NDA to limit it to the Opposition in the upcoming Parliament elections. Let us wait and see the Indian Voter’s decision in the next elections.

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