Is Heroine ‘Ramya’ behind Rahul Gandhi’s ‘success’?


Is Heroine ‘Ramya’ behind Rahul Gandhi’s ‘success’?

Is Heroine Ramya behind Rahul Gandhi’s success: The online sites that once mocked at Rahul Gandhi, have been changing their trend. Many Twitter users have indeed replaced ‘Rahul Gandhi’ with ‘Modi Ji’ as a part of their mocking spree. And the opinion on Rahul too changed in the last six months. From being known as ‘Pappu Beta’, the Congress leader is emerging as a strong politician, while Modi is facing a downtrend.

is heroine ramya behind rahul gandhi’s successThe news is that former Congress MP, Ramya has been handed over the task of maintaining the Congress Party’s Social Media. And interestingly, Ramya replaced Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Haryana former CM’s son) and MP Dipendhar Singh Hooda. After being handed over the responsibility, Ramya has called out all the employees working there and sorted out their issues right-and-then itself.

is heroine ramya behind rahul gandhi’s successShe has also increased the staff from 20 to 100 and ensured that 85% of the staff would be women. After Ramya has taken responsibility 6 months ago, there has been a positive trend in Congress Party’s online feed. Instead of attacking Modi directly, Ramya’s team worked towards to find hardships faced by common people because of Modi’s schemes.

With facts and results about Demonetization coming out, and with Modi finding it hard to counter Rahul Gandhi lead Congress, it feels like the tides might change sooner or later. On a whole, no wonder Ramya is behind Rahul Gandhi’s and Congress Party’s online success.

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