Success can instill fear! Trivikram seems to be on the way!


Success can instill fear! Trivikram seems to be on the way!

Everyone remembers ‘Sunil’ for his role as Banthi, and that definitely gave a break to the comedian turned hero. The punch lines, dialogues and the emotions are greatly due to the dialogue writer Trivikram Srinivas. The star director started his journey with Swayamvaram (1999) as a dialogue writer, and with Nuvve Nuvve (2002) he began his directorial venture.

With back-to-back hits with the superstars of Telugu Film Industry, Trivikram has become an Ace director in a very short span of time.

As a director, he has seen industry blockbusters and blockbusters. He drove the fans crazy. Apart from Rajamouli, probably Trivikram is the only director who has a considerable impact on the firm’s business.

success can instill fear! trivikram seems to be on the way!He always ensured that the audience is his foremost importance, and have catered to their liking. It looks as if, every emotion in the film, every frame of action an sequence and every visual that strike our eyes, is precision made with a diamond cut. You can call him a ‘psychologist’, ‘mind-reader’, or famously Maatala Manthrikudu, everything aptly suits him. In recent times, this seems to be his ‘success formula’ with a couple of twists and high-moments added in the film.

Many movie lovers and critics are hoping for a ‘new’ Trivikram to start directing ‘unique’ and ‘different’ movies that will indeed take the Telugu cinema to new standards. He might face some failures in the process, but it would surely be remembered for something spectacle. It does hurt at times seeing the director sticking to one sort of movies. Apart from ‘Nuvve Nuvve’ and ‘A Aa’, rest all films have been more towards a ‘strategy’ that would make the film commercially a blockbuster.


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