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Tamannaah accepts truths about Casting Couch!

Tamannaah accepts truths about Casting Couch!

From the past couple of months, star heroines have been vocal about the ‘Casting Couch’ aspect in the film industry. While few heroines from Bollywood stated that, the film’s crew did approach them, others rubbished the claims. Meanwhile, the same trend sneaked into the Telugu Film Industry.

Star heroine Tamannaah has reportedly spoken about ‘casting couch’ practice in the industry. The lady went on to say that, ‘It’s a belief that every star heroine has been through ‘casting couch’ practice, and it’s only because of that they have been shining so far. But this is absolutely nonsensical, and there is no such practice herein the industry. I have never been a part of such acts. I did not compromise anytime to be a part of any of my films. As far as I know, there is no such thing called ‘casting couch’ that exists.That incident might have been of past and might be in case of small films.’

tamannah revealed about casting couch in industryTamannaah also lauded for the media for being a support. ‘Today’s media is a lot different than what we had seen a decade back. Directors, producers, film technicians think twice even before advancing with such kind of a proposal.’

While all being said, few sources that don’t like to be named claim that, ‘casting couch’ is a part of the south film industry, and one has to realize the fact that, how would these heroines accept it if they were a part of it. 

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