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HomelatestIs Roja competing for ‘Best Political Comedian Award’?

Is Roja competing for ‘Best Political Comedian Award’?

Is Roja competing for ‘Best Political Comedian Award’?

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Roja became the butt of the jokes after she recently released a press note about YS Jagan. Her press not in short read, ‘YS Jagan is an honest, noble and great individual. All the cases against him nothing but political propaganda. YS Jagan has never committed any wrongdoing, and he can prove himself. All the corruption and money laundering cases are absolutely bogus.’

The press note became viral not because Roja released, but because she claimed that YS Jagan is honest, noble and great, and has never committed any wrongdoing. The actor-turned-politician went silent for a good long time after Prashanth Kishore gave her a strong warning.

Only from the past week or so, Roja is back to her routine. Everyone was pleased after she toned down a bit. Her true colours came out in a live show. She started attacking Bandla Ganesh using foul and uncivilized language during a heated discussion.

Further impressing her skills as the best political comedian, Roja in a recent press meet shocked every journalist sitting there. After a journalist asked her, If YSRCP wins the elections, will it encourage migration of leaders from TDP party? Roja went on to say, ‘there is no way we would encourage such kind of things. YS Jagan Anna is against all this kind of stuff.’ Though Roja did not observe, it is learnt that she was later informed about Journalists cracking jokes once again on her comments.

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