He is Jagan’s dearest enemy!

Venkat Reddy is Jagan’s dearest enemy

Venkat Reddy is Jagan’s dearest enemy!

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A philosopher said ‘A true friend is someone who lets us know our faults,’ about a true friend. While another said,’ A dearest enemy is someone who doesn’t find any fault in any of our actions,’ about our dearest enemy. Emerging leaders often find themselves surrounded by their dearest enemies. Frankly, the greatest threat to any leader is from the ‘dearest enemies’ than the real enemy.

Even YS Jagan is facing the same situation. After Pawan Kalyan’s spoke against family politics, a person name Venkat Reddy from Guntur reacted strongly. In a video that became viral, Venkat Reddy said ‘this is my last warning to Pawan Kalyan. I don’t mind killing him if he utters a word against Pawan Kalyan’. Later Venkat Reddy was arrested.

Interestingly, there are two murder cases on the accused. After the video became viral, YSRCP jumped into the scene and gave a press release that ‘YSRCP party is nowhere related to Venkat Reddy and ridiculed the person’s comments too’.

This turned out to be a double blow for YSRCP. After it became public that Venkat Reddy has a criminal background, many people came to a conclusion that YSRCP supporters are usually from a criminal background, while others were shocked to see YSRCP completely distancing itself from someone who was ready to kill or die for the welfare of the party.

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