Saturday, September 25, 2021
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The New Amendment Of Section 69(1) IT Act To Decipher Any PC In India

The Central Government which played with the middle-class lives in the name of demonetization, GST, and others came up with another controversial section. Let us see some details of this most talked constitutional amendment in brief.Until now, the data we collect in our Personal Computers or Laptops can be secured and no one has the right to touch it without the proper Court’s order. However, according to the new Section-69(1), IT Act states that some listed Government Institutions can access your personal data stored in the PCs and laptops.

Institutions like CBI, IB, IT and other State Government’s institutions like the Police Department now have rights to encrypt and decrypt any computer if they need to get the information in the interests of the Nation. This amendment has passed to protect the Nation against the terrorists and other anti-social criminals.With this rule, some good ten departments belonging to Central Government can anytime hack computers and data that is stored, shared, downloaded, uploaded etc. This rule might be good for the counter-terrorism but some netizens already started opposing this new Act which would kill their privacy.

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