Sunday, December 4, 2022
HomelatestIT Department Raids On TDP MP CM Ramesh

IT Department Raids On TDP MP CM Ramesh

The Income Tax Department as expected is continuing its raids on the close associates of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. After Revanth, its CM Ramesh’s turn to face these raids. Be it all professional or because of BJP’s direction, the IT Officials have raided the offices of CM Ramesh in Hyderabad and at Kadapa along with his home. More than thirty officials split themselves into groups and chose different places to raid at once. The raids started at 8 AM in the morning and according to the latest update, the searchings are going on past the 2 PM in the afternoon.

Income Tax officers conducted raids on Telugu Desam Party

Officials are not leaving any room or place in these houses and offices. A special team didn’t leave Ramesh’s private company Ritwick Projects and its buildings to find something fishy in order to trouble the TDP men. IT Officer who found CM Ramesh’s brother CM Suresh at Kadapa residence and asked him to leave. The ex-Minister of TDP, Ramesh who is in Delhi today responded harshly over these raids. He directly pointed out Modi and Amit Shah behind these raids which have a clear political intent.

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