Thursday, January 20, 2022
HomelatestHardworking CM Of India: CBN Working Past 11:40 PM

Hardworking CM Of India: CBN Working Past 11:40 PM

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is considered as one of the hard working CM of our country. Despite many allegations, even his enemies would agree his commitment and sincerity towards his chair. A recent picture of his explains his dedication towards the State.

Nara Lokesh today shared CBN’s picture
The IT Minister of AP, Nara Lokesh today shared CBN’s picture while he is seriously working. For those who think this is a normal picture, you are mistaken. According to Lokesh, this picture is taken at 11:40 PM the other day while CM is holding a teleconference with the leaders, Government Officials and Collectors of Title cyclone hit North Andhra region. CM has been hailed for his hard work by many netizens and this photo has been going viral.

This is not the first time CBN has worked late nights. During the time of Hud Hud, he worked round the clock and made a temporary home in Visakhapatnam to set the city back on track in 2014. Meanwhile, the CM is trying hard to cooperate with the cyclone hit districts of North AP and been working restlessly for the past twenty hours.

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