Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestModi’s Survey Cut Down TRS Expected Seats To 40

Modi’s Survey Cut Down TRS Expected Seats To 40

The BJP Supreme Amit Shah is in the state of Telangana campaigning for his Saffron party with a perfect theme and target. In his recent meet, he revealed his PM Modi’s secret survey details to the Public.KCR has been working hard to arrange everything for the snap polls as he firmly believes that his survey declared a minimum of 70 seats under his kitty if the elections happen today. It is due to this blind belief, he is moving Earth to go for early polls at any cost. To his dire shock, Amit Shah revealed that Narendra Modi’s survey predicted just 40 seats to the TRS and another 40 seats for the Mahakutami.

BJP is looking forward to winning 20 seats

As there will be a stall in the polls, BJP is looking forward to winning 20 seats to become the Kingmaker and be crucial in forming Government. This is the sole reason, Amit Shah himself came all the way from the capital and is hardly campaigning for their party. Modi’s survey might not be purely authentic but they can frighten TRS camp to some extent. Already the attacking campaign started in the BJP circles. None other than the BJP National head is challenging KCR’s old promises to irk the TRS Chief to the core. Results day, that is December 16th would be the day to know the final winner of this battle.

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