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HomelatestCBN Is An Incapable CM And A Sand Mafia Don: Jagan

CBN Is An Incapable CM And A Sand Mafia Don: Jagan

Jagan Alleged That Chandrababu Naidu Is  Don Of Sand Mafia

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The YSRCP Supreme YS Jagan has been busy supporting his MPs who are fasting to death for Special Category Status. In his recent press meet, he took his time to slam CBN and TDP to defame them.Jagan has been restless regarding the behavior of TDP and its MPs. Despite resigning their positions and fight for Special Category Status, they are not even supporting the YSRCP MPs’ fasting. With rage, This Opposition leader waged a war of words on TDP and its National head CBN. Jagan declared that the AP CM has completely failed to fetch SCS to AP. Despite helping the poor people and farmers,

Jagan stated that CBN is compensating farmers with just 1000 yards land for invaluable acres of agricultural land. In the name of land Pooling, Jagan declared that TDP Government is robbing the lands of farmers in and around the new capital Amaravati. Forget development, CBN has become a big don of sand mafia by selling Sand from river beds illegally to gain money in Jagan’s view. This Kadapa MP who is in Delhi to fight for AP claimed that TDP MPs are playing tricks by lying to the people of AP.

Jagan questioned CBN that had if he has any commitment, he would have asked his MPs to resign the day Parliament has adjourned indefinitely.YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is still concentrating on defaming CBN and TDP despite fighting with the BJP which ditched Andhra. These type of speeches only dilute all his efforts of gaining trust. His fasting MPs are suffering from severe health conditions and are still continuing their protest in the Capital of India.

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