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Sudheer Varma To Showcase Sharwa As Don:

Director Sudheer Varma Next Movie With Sharwanand

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The versatile young hero Sharwanand is quite busy with his ongoing project under the director Sudheer Varma. Obtained information reveals the theme plot of this flick.The director Sudheer Varma has got his own fan base among movie lovers. His conviction and narrative skills won many followers who wait for his flicks. Even though his previous outing Keshava ended up as an average flick, the movie thrilled hardcore fans of Cinema. The moment he announced his next to a young bankable hero like Sharwa raised many expectations resulting in more buzz.

Until now, the main unit members are tight-lipped on this movie’s theme plot. But our reliable sources close to this young director explains the hero’s characterization. It came to know that the movie will be in the lines of Universal Star Kamal Haasan’s cult classic Naayagan. This intense mafia drama showcases how a young lad ended up as a don and later turned as a leader. Also, Sharwa will also be seen as a mafia boss who solves the problems of people and fights with his competitors in this business. Right now, the regular shoot is going on in erected sets of Ramoji Film City.

Top actress Kajal Agarwal and Hello fame Kalyani is romancing Sharwanand in this project.More details of this flick will be revealed soon by the makers. For now, the fans of Sharwa are quite excited with Naayagan’s theme. They hope to see their hero as an action hero for the first time in his career. After Prasthanam, this will be another milestone in Sharma’s career.

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