Kona Venkat Responds To Sri Reddy’s Allegations:

Kona Venkat To Take Legal Action On Sri Reddy

Kona Venkat To Take Legal Action On Sri Reddy

Posted April 12, 2018, 2:59 pm at 14:59

The star writer cum producer Kona Venkat who has been away from social media these days has suddenly surfaced on his Twitter. Giving it back to Sri Reddy who alleged him of many negative things, he also made shocking comments on Tollywood.

It is a known thing that the small actress turned protest lady Sri Reddy is doing unwanted ruckus against the Tollywood. After accusing many celebrities, her focus shifted to Kona Venkat. In her recent interaction with a National media, she claimed that the leading writer Kona Venkat abused her mentally and physically in his guest house. When the interviewer asked to defend her allegation with proofs, she failed to provide them and declared there are eyewitnesses who can support her. None other than Kona retorted this actress immediately.

This Dookudu writer via his Twitter stated that he was quite shocked to hear unbelievable allegations on him by a Telugu actress. Thrashing them as fake he dared to ask the State Government to probe a case on this issue and punish the culprits. In other words, he is dashingly challenging Sri Reddy to file a case on him such that she will be put behind bars for fake allegations. Kona also declared that he always supports Telugu artists and his Geethanjali has 100% Telugu casting. He asked his rivals not to claim false allegations on his or else he will provide legally. This is the perfect reply for her but it also increases her popularity as bigwigs started responding to her controversial allegations.

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