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HomelatestSabbam Hari To Join TDP Soon?

Sabbam Hari To Join TDP Soon?

TDP Trying To Rope In Sabbam Hari

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If the obtained information from the reliable sources is believed to be true, then the faded out senior politician Sabbam Hari is all set to shift his loyalties to become active in current Politics.Sabbam Hari who enjoyed huge fame in Congress Party has lost his charm post the elections of 2014. Later he indirectly supported YSRCP for his devotion to YSR but attracted towards Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party. Initially, he thought of contesting as an MLA from Visakhapatnam but later went back as Janasena is supporting TDP- BJP alliance.

After many years, this top-notch orator and spokesperson of Congress are all set to join TDP soon prior to the elections of 2019. TDP despite its fight for Special Category Status lacks a perfect spokesperson on the other hand YSRCP has many and even Jansena got some new speakers to counter their rivals. If Sabbam Hari joins TDP, it is a win-win situation for both the parties. Hari can become an MLA or MP and also TDP gets a perfect spokesperson at this crucial time. Let us wait for the official confirmation from the TDP Chief, Chandrababu Naidu.

Meanwhile, TDP MPs are counting stars to counter their Opposition YSRCP’s Indefinite fast strategy to win the trust of AP. Despite media coverage, the TDP MPs fail to make their mark at Delhi. TDP needs to work more on their strategies and protest techniques in order to advance in AP Political battle. Or else they may pay a huge price in next elections.

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