Jagan call for Padayatra On Oct 27th

Jagan call for Padayatra

Jagan call for Padayatra

Jagan is back pushing on his reasons. He says Chnadra Babu Naid has threaten Nandyal people to vote for him.  On the occation of YSR Rajasekhar reddy’s Vardhanthi (death anniversary) he proposes his idea of starting on a padayatra. Jagan call for Padayatra provoked everyone saying he needs atleast 1person to join YCP from every family. He says from 11th of the month to 2nd of next month he will go to each and every house and talk to people personally.

Furthermore, he says starting on 27th of October he is to do padayatra for 6months. He also says, Chandrababu has cheated on Nandyal people. He didn’t provide Runa Mafi to farmers and Dwakra women. Even Nandyal villagers voted Chandra Babu naidu only due to the fear of cancelling their pensions. he said Chnadra babu naidu isn’t fullfilling his promises.  Jagan also promises to treat everyone with diamonds once he is into power. Let us see what happens further.

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