Y.S Jagan Disappointed With KCR’s Early Polls

Y.S Jagan Disappointed With KCR’s Early Polls

One’s gain will certainly be ended as another’s loss. Now the same can be applied to the Supremes of two parties in the Telugu States. Exciting linking between the Telangana early polls and YSRCP is creating headlines.YSRCP head Jagan Mohan Reddy wanted to minimise the vote bank of his arch-rival party TDP. One of his strategy to achieve this is to make the Telugu settlers in Hyderabad who have their votes in AP to stop voting.Until now, he thought that the elections of AP and Telangana will be held at one time so that these settlers will be busy with the Telangana elections and they will miss voting CBN in AP. Many settlers in Hyderabad adore CBN for developing the Capital in a never seen way. So it is more than obvious that their support is indeed for the Yellow camp. To decrease their votes, Jagan submitted a request letter to the Chief Election Commissioner to conduct the polls at a time. However, KCR has completely changed the equation by going for the snap polls.jaganNow the Telangana Assembly elections will be held in November and AP’s polls will be organised in the month of next year’s May. Needless to say, the AP settlers will have more time to vote in Telangana and return to AP to vote for CBN. For now, none knows if the Lok Sabha elections too will be conducted at a time or not.


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