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HomelatestJagan hits back at TDP with no confidence movement

Jagan hits back at TDP with no confidence movement

Jagan hits back at TDP with no confidence movement

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The Opposition party leader Y.S Jagan has taken a drastic decision on behalf of his party to fight for Justice to A.P against the centre. He dared to question the A.P Government’s commitment for the benefit of the state and it’s future.

Jagan in the past announced that he and his party MP’s are ready to resign for A.P’s special status. He also declared the date 6th of April as the day of resignations if the centre won’t help AP. Forget about this date now, the YSRCP Supreme has decided to implement No Confidence Movement on NDA Government in the upcoming Parliament sessions. For that, he opined that he needs 55 MP’s support. As he has just 5 MP’s under his party’s flag, he dares to order TDP to stand in support of his movement. TDP has 15 MP’s and he alleges that he can bring other needed count to challenge NDA government. This is the best move from Jagan in his entire political career. If TDP accepts his proposal, then he will win the trust of people. If TDP Opposes, still he gets sympathy from A.P voters. He is safe with any result but TDP, on the other hand, is preparing its strategies as well to counter YSRCP and BJP. It would be so interesting to see the future developments of all these parties in the upcoming days. For now, BJP and YSRCP are ready with resignations and TDP is yet to have a strong movement to win votes in the upcoming elections.

Jagan intelligently dragged Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan into this No Confidence Movement as well. In his latest speech, he asked Pawan to make his partner CBN to support him instead of forming useless JAC’s and JFC’s. Let us wait for TDP and Jansena’s response to Jagan’s shaking move.

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