Jagan’s New Case On Kodi Kathi Attack In HC


The infamous case of Kodi Kathi at Vizag International Airport has undergone many twists and turns. After AP Government’s complaint to the High Court regarding Jagan’s non-cooperation to solve this case, Jagan in contrary filed a reverse case on the State Government. Already the YSRCP Chief requested the High Court of Hyderabad to assign the investigation duties to the third party other than State Police. Now he went further and filed a case on AP Government and its Home department for not submitting or reporting this case to the Central authorities.

attacked-on-jagan Despite such attack inside Airport premises which comes under Airport Authority of India which is a Central Government’s institution, Jagan alleges that State Police did not yet report this case to the Centre which is a huge breach of Protocol.He requested the Judicial bench to direct the State authorities to hand over the case to any Central Authority like Investigation Bureau or Crime Bureau of Investigation for quick results.With this new additional case, Jagan feels that he can gain and upper hand over the ruling party TDP amidst the General elections. His confidence is that the rivalry between BJP and TDP would make the Centre to favour Jagan rather than TDP.


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