Tuesday, January 25, 2022
HomelatestJagan’s Kodi Kathi Case Landed In The Hands Of NIA

Jagan’s Kodi Kathi Case Landed In The Hands Of NIA

The sensational case of Jagan’s attack in the Visakhapatnam Airport finally jumped from the State Government to the Centre. A look at the High Court of AP’s final verdict on this case explains everything.The two Telugu States bewildered knowing that someone who claimed to be a hardcore fan of Jagan had actually attacked the YSRCP Supreme on his hand. As the injury is a minor one, Jagan got the first aid and continued his journey to Hyderabad. Unable to trust the TDP ruled State Government, Jagan pleaded the HC of Hyderabad to transfer the case to any National Agency so that the pieces of evidence shall be preserved from tampering.

HC of AP after hearing both the sides finally transferred the case to the National Investigation Agency which is under the control of Central Government. With this, Jagan and his batch are celebrating their indirect victory over the State Government in this case.The Opposition leader blames it on the TDP Government but with the interference of NIA, everything will be uncovered in the upcoming days. State Police Department with the help of Vizag Airport Police declared that the attacker is a fan of Jagan and attempted to hurt the leader only to gain sympathy among the voters. NIA, for now, has registered the FIR and started its inquiry.

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