Tuesday, January 31, 2023
HomelatestJC Diwakar Reddy Kept TDP Doors Open For Janasenani

JC Diwakar Reddy Kept TDP Doors Open For Janasenani

The TDP Parliamentarian JC Diwakar Reddy slung mud on the Indian Prime Minister Modi for his revenge Politics against the TDP ruled Andhra Pradesh. Along with a verbal attack, JC gave a stunning offer to his former ally Janasena.This Anantapur leader who is known for his controversial comments has been suspended from the Parliament for protesting against the Centre in the name of Special Status to AP. He told the Press that Modi is indeed insecure of TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu as the latter might cause a threat to his PM seat. For making CBN far from Politics, JC allege BJP that the saffron party is conspiring with the parties like TRS and YSRCP to defeat TDP in AP Assembly elections.

To everyone’s surprise, JC expressed his willing nature to have a pact with Janasena once again for the upcoming elections. Reddy opined that they have to respect people’s decision and if they want TDP to collaborate with Pawan Kalyan, then the TDP’s doors always stay open for Janasenani.Already Pawan Kalyan cleared his stand for the elections but still, TDP is expressing its eagerness to make a pact with Janasena. JC claims that there are no permanent friends and foes in Politics so he treats Pawan Kalyan as one of the good friends of TDP. One has to wait and see if Janasenani changes his mind at the last minute or competes like a lone warrior.

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