Nagababu’s Controversial Poem On NTR Biopic Going Viral

Naga Babu Epic Trolling Of Lokesh ABN

The mega brother Naga Babu seems unstoppable regarding his counters to the Nandamuri hero Balayya. After irking Balayya’s fans, Naga Babu this time dared to write a poem which is indirectly countering NTR biopic and its team.Naga Babu waged a Political war on Balayya for some reasons. First, he claimed that he never heard about the name of Balayya in Tollywood and made a sensation. Not less than a day, this Jabardasth Judge uploaded a picture of Buffaloe stating that the breed and blood of it are perfect to buy. This is a direct counter to Balayya’s dialogues which always revolves around terms like family, royal blood, breed etc.

Today, Nagababu has written a poem which states that untrue biopics which cooked with half facts and fakes are useless for the people. In other words, Babu is mentioning that the upcoming prestigious NTR biopic project is not as authentic as it is missing many facts.To an extent, Naga Babu’s poem has meaning as in reality, the makers of NTR biopic is speculated to be avoiding controversial episodes like Viceroy Hotel, NTR’s second marriage etc. Still, an educated and well-respected person like Naga Babu shouldn’t make either direct or indirect comments on his fellow actor which might disturb the healthy ambiance of the industry. This is not going to end anyway sooner as this mega brother asked his followers to stay tuned for more updates and poems.


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