Janasena Will Contest In All Constituencies: Pawan Kalyan

JanaSena Party To Contenst In 175 Constituencies

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has given a much needed and expected announcement which cheered lots of his followers and voters who believed in new age Politics. Checkmating all his rivals, Pawan Kalyan declared that his party will contest in all the constituencies all by alone.

Despite multiple claims by Janasenani himself, his rivals and Yellow media tried to confuse the people that this party is again tying up with TDP for 2019 elections. On the flip side, the YSRCP tried its best to showcase Janasena as a silent friend to BJP. Both these Position and Opposition leaders’ idea is to dent the vote bank of Janasena by confusing its followers. Clearing the air, Pawan took his Twitter to make this news official yet again to sort the things straight. He also asked all not to trust in any leaders’ claims as he himself being the Party founder President is declaring that he is going alone. Pawan hoped to field candidates for all the 175 constituencies, however, a couple of seats will be shared with the left parties of CPI and CPM for their longtime alliance.

This news might shake the grounds beneath the two big parties of AP as they are expecting a possible tie-up with this dynamic leader. Now the pro-Government channels might run out of speculations regarding Janasena to malign its good name. Meanwhile, the fans and followers of Janasena are celebrating this news doubling their trust on their Supreme.


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