Janasenani Set Stage For Exciting Political Contest

Janasena Set Stage For Political Entry

Continuing his potshots on his ex-alliance partner TDP, the Janasenani made a terrific speech in his ongoing Uttarandhra tour. A riveting challenge to the TDP Prince Lokesh from the Janasena Chief stood as the main highlight of the speech. For some strange reasons, Pawan Kalyan is targeting Lokesh in his every single speech. The other day, he asked if Lokesh has the capacity to win contesting as an MLA inspite of becoming a Minister by nominated MLC post. Janasenani challenged the entire TDP and Lokesh to win against any Janasena candidate in any given location to prove his mettle before commenting Janasena. If at all it becomes a reality, then Pawan Kalyan will make sure that his candidate win to belittle TDP and its National head Chandrababu Naidu.

This is a clever strategy from Pawan Kalyan to irk Yellow camp as they too know fear of making Lokesh contest in any constituency.On the other note, Pawan is slowly gaining the support of megafans. According to the statistics of Janasena’s media wing, only seventy lakh Janasainikas registered themselves in the Janasena’s official website. This is a decent number to get at least a double digit number in 2019 elections but Pawan is targeting more. Now Chiru fans decided to support Pawan Kalyan as Chiru is not in active Politics. With Mega fans support, Pawan Kalyan has the chances of becoming a king maker like the party JDS in Karnataka. Meanwhile, he has plans to split the TDP vote bank by extending his support to the BCs by fixing an agenda to get the reservations in his manifesto for 2019 elections.


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