Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestAnam In Second Thoughts Over Joining YSRCP

Anam In Second Thoughts Over Joining YSRCP

Anam Ramanarayana Reddy is still leaving the political followers of AP in confusion by not taking a call about his political future. For some readers who don’t understand his perplexing situation, here is a piece for knowing the reason for his dilemma. Post the death of his brother Anam Vivekananda Reddy, Anam without any second thought decided to join the YSRCP to continue his Political career. Even though some BJP Bigwigs tried to lure him, Anam focussed on joining the YSRCP at any cost. Here comes the actual plot twist. Anam is trying hard to get the YSRCP ticket from the Nellore constituency. At the same time, the Mekapati family got an assurance from the Supreme YS Jagan over the Nellore ticket. As this is not enough, Mekapati family is keen on getting three tickets from Nellore district for the constituencies of Nellore.

Atmakur and Udayagiri for the candidates Mekapati Rajamohan, Gautam Reddy and Chandrasekhar Reddy respectively.If at all Jagan convinces the Mekapati family for only two constituencies among the three, Anam posted a new problem to YSRCP. Anam who is wishing to ask one Nellore ticket is now thinking of asking second ticket for anyone from his demised brother Anam Viveka’s family. If he asks the Jagan, then the Supreme will completely throw Anam’s request into the trash can and continue Mekapati’s family. Anam is not in a position to take a call on joining YSRCP or not with this big reason. However, he will join officially only if he successfully holds the calls with the YSRCP biggies and gets at least one confirmed ticket.

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