Kathi Mahesh’s Father Fires On Paripoornananda

Kathi Mahesh Father Fires on Paripoornananda Swami

The sensational case of controversial critic Kathi Mahesh’s derogatory comments on the Hindu God, Lord Rama made him lose his chance to live in Hyderabad. The father of Kathi Mahesh wakes up to drain his anguish on the whole issue. When Kathi Mahesh made comments against Lord Rama, tons of Hindu followers along with big shots responded against Kathi. Popular Hindu Guru Swami Paripoornananda went a bit further and demanded his arrest or else he would start indefinite protest against the Government and Police.

Now Kathi has been detained to Chittoor with an order of not entering Hyderabad until the ban is lifted.None other than the father of Kathi Mahesh fumed fire on Police and Swami Paripoornananda. He alleged that likewise his son, Swami should have been detained for his protest against Dalits. Not stopping there, he tried to add the colour of caste likewise his son by claiming that All the Brahmins are against Dalits and his son was detained only because he was a Dalit.

This father of detained critic asked all the people of AP and Telangana to know more facts on Lord Rama and his acts against Dalits making no sense at all.More than anyone, the YSRCP is stating its joy indirectly for missing a big embarrassment. Earlier, Kathi Mahesh declared to the media that he is joining YSRCP and is all set to contest for an MP seat. YSRCP which is still thinking about this issue just survived from this issue. Imagine the party’s mileage if the party’s candidate is anti Hindu.


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