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HomelatestJanasena To Compromise With TV Channels

Janasena To Compromise With TV Channels

Janasenani To Compromise With TV Channels

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The sensational case of Pawan Kalyan versus some TV Channels like TV9, ABN, Mahaa News and TV5 became diluted as the Janasenani himself stopped tweeting about them. Now a new speculation regarding these two parties’ compromisation has surfaced today. Sri Reddy’s casting couch ended up targeting Pawan Kalyan for no reason. Even the so-called Channels backed by Yellow flag used Sri Reddy’s controversial abuses to irk Pawan Kalyan. Deeply disturbed by these news channels and their hunger for TRPs, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan waged a war against some news Channels. Especially he targeted TV9 and its Chief Ravi Prakash along with the funder Srini Raju, ABN, and its head Radha Krishna.

After troubling them with some tweets, the two Channels filed cases on Pawan Kalyan for alleging them and maligning their names on a public platform. Initially, Pawan fans boycotted these channels resulted in bad reviews with single stars on the internet. To counter Pawan Kalyan, TV9 and ABN both came up with a plan to corner him. According to them, they aired Sri Reddy’s abused by beeping the unparliamentary word whereas Pawan Kalyan on his Twitter used the video clip without need by adding the actual beeped word. So they filed an extra case on him alleging him that the Party Chief tampered the evidence.

If this is true, then Pawan Kalyan may face some unwanted troubles. Rather than fighting in courts, both are speculated to be compromising with each other. The Channels might ask him to stop his fans from bad reviewing the channels and they will drop all their cases on the Janasenani. We have to wait and see how this case would end up keeping elections of 2019 in mind.

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