Supreme Court’s Hearings On AP Bifurcation Act:

Supreme Court Revives Hearing On Andhra Pradesh

Supreme Court Revives Hearing On Andhra Pradesh

Posted May 7, 2018, 5:01 pm at 17:01

The top Court of Justice in India Supreme Court gave some unexpected work to the Centre regarding the AP Bifurcation act. Interesting details regarding this case is as follows.Despite promising the two Telugu States to implement the AP Bifurcation Act, the Centre has left the works at the halfway leaving the two States in vain. Deeply hurt by its acts, the Congress MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy filed a petition on the Centre in the Supreme Court of India. In his case, he alleged that the Centre failed to fulfill its promises to the Telangana State.

Finally, this case comes to hearing on today and made the entire political lovers of the two Telugu States curious about the case. After a strong hearing, the Chief Justice along with its bench asked the Centre to submit a detailed report regarding the Act and its fulfillment until now. Also, the Apex Court of India gave only a few days to submit its work to the Centre. Defenses representing the Centre asked the Supreme Court to grant them 4 weeks of time to ready the necessary reports. Depending on these reports, the hearing will be done once again in a month from now.

However, the leading Political analysts feel that the Centre will likely postpone this case further in order to hide the facts from Public prior to the General Elections of 2019. In case the Supreme Court declare its final verdict, then the BJP camp will be in a soup which eventually results in the election results as well.

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