Janasena’s unique take on Election Manifesto

Janasena’s unique take on Election Manifesto

If you have your own problem in your constituency that didn’t enlist in the overall manifesto of any party, then Janasena might include yours. Wonder how? Check out the latest press release from the Janasena party.

Generally, any party chooses the major burning problems of the state like education, unemployment, electricity etc in their manifesto. These agendas change depending on the contemporary problems. If we can guess the manifestos of this elections, parties would include the big issues like Special Category Status, Special Railway Zone, Kadapa Steel Plant etc along with their own schemes. But for the first time in AP Political history, Pawan Kalyan and his team are coming up with a unique yet effective manifesto for addressing and solving all the problems. Despite going for one common manifesto for the entire state, Pawan Kalyan and senior leaders of the party came up with an idea of having 175 manifestos for existing 175 Assembly constituencies.

Pawan who toured Uttarandhra had realized that the problems of one place to another are indeed are different. So after completing his entire tour, he will be reading all the 175 manifestos after getting to know the local problems. This fresh approach has become the new talk of Political circles. He earlier declared that the manifesto will be released in the month of August. Looking at the recent update on manifestos, it might take more time as he has more regions to cover. This is a strong answer to the haters and critics who comment on his party structure. This explains how deep and well routed his party’s base pillars are.


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