AP Planning Commision Chairman’s big bomb on Indian PM

AP Planning Commision Chairman’s big bomb on Indian PM

On the first day of Parliament Sessions for Monsoon season, the AP Planning Commission’s Deputy Chairman Kutumba Rao gave a big jolt to the BJP and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Details of this big shock as follows.

Kutumba Rao the other day revealed Earth-shattering allegations on the Indian Prime Minister Modi regarding an Oil Deal. He alleged Indian PM of corruption and scam in a perfectly executed deal of Essar Oil trade to the Russian Market. According to this Government Official, Indian Government made a deal with Essar Oil India Limited and Rosneft Oil Company which belongs to Russia. He sold 49% of Essar Oil India Ltd’s stakes to Rosneft for a whopping sum in 2016. But Kutumba Rao pointed out the fact that how the market share of Essar which stood at 3.500 crores of rupees was sold as much as 75,000 crores to the Rosneft. Also, he stated that the Private to Private deal was intentionally turned out to be Government to Government deal by the Indian PM thereby directing huge funds to India. Also, there existed no tax revenue from this deal at all to the Indian Government.

This Deputy Chairman made some sensational revelations about this deal by declaring that the Rosneft has investors from China. The Chinese Government who came to know about this scam arrested the investors of China along with the Russian Minister who did this trade. Also, the Indian PM had been to China to participate in this investigation. Kutumba Rao claims that he has pieces of evidence to all his allegations and statements related to this complete scam and he will soon produce them to the Courts if necessary. All are waiting for Modi’s response regarding this issue.


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