Interesting manifestos of two leaders for 2019

Ys Jagan and Pawan Kalyan 2019 election Manifesto

Two political parties are making their manifestos ready for the upcoming elections. A deeper look into the two variant styles of these manifestos is quite astonishing. Let us compare their patterns in brief.

YSRCP Chief the other day declared that his party’s manifesto will be readied and released on the last day of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra. To everyone’s surprise, his manifesto would be very crisp to the core by having just four pages to make it clear for all the voters. Also, this would be an extension of his previously announced Nava Ratna schemes to the people if he comes into Power. On contrary, the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan who is competing for the first time in the Politics is readying individual agenda for every single constituency. That means, his party is readying 175 agendas for 175 constituencies respectively.

Jagan’s manifesto would deal the state’s big problems which appear universal to all the regions of the AP, whereas the Pawan Kalyan’s manifestos will be made depending on the local problems. That means, if one constituency like Nalgonda has the water problem, it might or might not be enlisted in the manifesto of other constituencies like Tuni or so. Both of these two manifestos appear interesting but one should wait and see which one would work and yield results until the results of 2019’s elections are declared. One thing we can say now is Janasena’s manifesto style is first of its kind in recent times.


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