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Jayadev Movie Review

Jayadev Movie Review & Rating

Banner: Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Creations
Actors: Ganta Ravi, Malavika Raj, Vinod Kumar, Paruchuri Venkateswar Rao, Posani, Vennela Kishore, Hariteja, Shravan etc…
Music: Manisharma
Story: Arun Kumar
Writer: Paruchuri Brothers
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Cinematography: Jawahar Reddy
Producer: K Ashok Kumar
Director: Jayanth C Paranjee

How difficult it is to get into the film industry. It’s too harder to become a hero. That’s why people from the high profiled family are also doing homework to enter into movies. However, the background will help only fo limited films, later on, they should have their own talent. Ganta Srinivas son Ganta Raviteja came to movies from a political background with the Tamil dubbing movie Sethupathi as Jayadev. Let us check the Jayadev updates.


Jayadev (Ganta ravi) is a police officer, known for his truth and honesty. Waiting for the promotion as ACP. Meanwhile, a police officer has to investigate the murder. Moreover,   understood that the murderers mistakenly killed that officer. In fact, their target is their SI working in their police station. A student murder changes Jayadev’s life, in the end, to know who is behind the conspiracy. Moreover, He will be suspended from the Police Department. Finally, Big Shot behind those murders? Jayadev should return to the police department is known by watching the movie.


RaviTeja personality suited for JaiDev character. The hero role in this movie is passionate and the body language will be different. RaviTeja should be appreciated for the challenge of this character. But if he has done after few movies it would have been better because we had seen top stars in police character. RaviTeja may rule if he has some more experience. So coming to heroine Malavika Raj, Vennela Kishore, Posani did a nice job. Shiva Reddy, Supreet also utilized their opportunity very well. The director Jayanth C. Paranji tried to bring the intensity in ‘Seetupati’ to Telugu but not succeeded. In Telugu, there is no grip in story and narration like in ‘Seetupati’. It feels like all the concentration is on hero launching. Manisharma songs are OK. Cinematography and action sequences are good

Plus Points:
Vennela Kishore
Action Sequence

Minus Points:
Boring screenplay

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Jayadev should be improved more
Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.5/5

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