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HomelatestPawan Kalyan And Rajinikanth On Political Stage

Pawan Kalyan And Rajinikanth On Political Stage

Gaddar Reddy To Work With Pawan Kalyan And Rajinikanth

Gaddar Reddy To Work With Pawan Kalyan And Rajinikanth: One person took a step and is thought to how to take another step. The second person is confused to take the first step. They are none other that Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena founder and Super Star Rajinikanth. They are Kings and Emperors in movies but in politics a common roadside passenger who don’t know his route. Their personality, thought process, the experience is a lot different. In any problem arise Pawan without thinking he will take actions. Whereas Rajini will think 10 times of good and bad in multiple ways and get into actions. They both are different poles if they share the same political stage? Fans will beam the slogans to the sky. There is a doubt that how the 2 different state politicians will come on to one stage? But the efforts are on its way to bring them to one place. He is none other than a Telugu man, songs warrior singer Gaddar.

Gaddar is waiting for the right time to enter into active politics after state division. Till now everyone invited Gaddar to use his craze but due to some problems, he rejected their offer. He is planning a strategy for big politics so he thought to go to South. So he sends his messengers to Pawan, Rajini to discuss all the things he is thinking. If they both agree, there are chances for the big political stage. Pawan already raising his voice about some issues in South. Rajini born as Marathi raised in Karnataka and got fame in Tamilnadu. These are things stopping Rajini to step in politics. So now Gaddar points are clearing line for Rajini to enter in politics. If he goes in this way the political stage will exceed beyond Tamilnadu. But the doubt is will Rajini take these courageous steps? These 2 are waiting for political mottos. If they are ready to follow Gaddar route then there will be the sensation in politics.

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