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Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review

Suma Kanakala made the movie “Jayamma Panchayathi”, which is released on 6th May 2022, with director Vijay Kumar, producer Balaga Prakash, and Music Director M.M.Keeravaani.

In the Jayamma Panchayathi movie, Suma Kanakala has made an outstanding performance including stars Devi prasad, Dinesh Kumar kadambala, and Shalini kondepudi.

In a small village, Jayamma (Suma) lives with her husband Gauri Naidu(Devi Prasad), and her kids. So, the family is living happily, One day her husband got sick then she needs money for his treatment. Jayamma went to the panchayat heads and asks for justice. So finally, Does she get justice?, and will her husband be saved or not?, How does she face all the situations?. That is the story of Jayamma Panchayathi.

The main positive points of Jayamma Panchayathi are Suma’s sincere performance, family bonding and the village-style setup is good, The dialogues are neat, and MM Keeravani Music is okay. minuses are to enter into the main topic, the director takes time, No twists and hitting scenes in the film.

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