Jr NTR Not Ready For Doing Multi Starrer Movie


Jr NTR Not Ready

NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa movie going to release in few hours. This film has a huge range of expectations. NTR sharing Jai Lava Kusa movie experience with a media. On that interview, NTR says he likes to do a multistarrer movie, but he wants a correct story and director. In every movie press meet, NTR will be able to answer this question. He definitely did a multistarrer movie with the good story. Jr NTR not ready for doing multi starrer movie.

NTR saying one thing and doing something said by film members. Even though NTR does not like to listen to the multistarrer stories. In past, Vamsi Pidapalli said a story till now NTR not yet heard any multistarrer stories. Many multistarrer stories to NTR who says He is not interested and send them back. Firstly, NTR said ok to work with Nagarjuna in the film Oopiri. But later he said no to that film. That film got good success. If NTR does that film, that movie got the good level. Even he announcing that NTR has to do multi-star movies.

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