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Secret Behind Babu Meeting Rajamouli

Secret Behind Babu Meeting Rajamouli

The Sensational director Rajamouli met with Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu regarding Amravati Designs in Amravati today. Although Norman Foster has been working on the design of the Amravati design, Babu feels that Indian tradition is missing in those designs. This is why Chandra Babu is expecting Rajamouli to be a part of the design selection. YCP leaders are are criticizing that how can Rajamouli select Professional designs. Moreover, They should understand that Rajamoli is just making an Indian style to Norman Foster’s sketch.

Those people who criticize Chandra Babu should remember one thing that any country has a style of architecture and sculpture. When the foreigners work on it its usual to say about their traditional style. But YCP supporting media channels making comedy seems foolish. Making sarcastic statements without an understanding of what is going on resembles the YCP media channels foolishness.

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