Julie 2 an unofficial biopic of that Star-Heroine?

Julie 2 an unofficial biopic of that Star-Heroine

Julie 2 an unofficial biopic of that Star-Heroine?

Posted November 23, 2017 at 19:25 

Laxmi Rai created a sensation with the trailer of her Bollywood debut movie Julie 2.

According to the Nihalani, one of the producers, the story of the protagonist is based on a well-known actress of 1990’s and 2000’s. The makers also stated that she is a ‘well-known’ glamorous actress known for her erotic and sensual scenes on the celluloid.

Even Laxmi Rai who is playing the protagonist in the film said, ‘yes there are some similarities between my character and that actress. I am not denying them. But I do not know whether they were deliberate or coincidence’. The ‘Julie 2’ film is being considered as an unofficial biopic of former star-heroine Nagma, who was very popular in the South Indian Film Industry as well as in Bollywood during 1990’s and early 2000’snagma-and-rai-lakshmi

Nihalani also stated that ‘once the film releases on Friday, it is obvious for everyone to decide on which actress the film is based upon’.

Reacting to the controversy, Nagma recently stated that, ‘It is really pathetic on behalf of the movie crew to drag my name for publicity. I cannot make any comment without watching the movie. Let the movie release first, and then I can look forward to take further action’.

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