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HomelatestVamsi’s resignation ‘drama’ finally has a happy ending!

Vamsi’s resignation ‘drama’ finally has a happy ending!

Vamsi’s resignation ‘drama’ finally has a happy ending!

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Everyone was shocked after Vallabhaneni Vamsi came along with his resignation letter to the AP Assembly. Vamsi has been known as a loyal party member. He has never condemned the CM or spoke against the Party publicly.

But it is found that the rude behavior by the CM Camp Office’s staff was the main reason behind Vamsi’s behavior.vallabhaneni vamsi and nara lokesh

A CM Camp Office official stated, ‘The Delta Sugar factory in Hanuman Junction has been shut 4 years back. Many tried to move the factory to Tanuku. But taking the farmers interests into consideration, Vamsi tried to ensure the sugar factor doesn’t move to Tanuku. Andhra Sugar and KVP Sugar have come forward to purchase the closed factory. Vamsi tried to negotiate a deal between the two companies in the CM Camp Office premises. It was heard that Vamsi was favoring one company. After the officials raised objections against Vamsi’s wish, the MLA reportedly behaved rudely. The officials retaliated. We were informed by the MLA that an official named Girija Sankar have humiliated him’.vallabhaneni vamsi bring resignation letter

After Vamsi walked to the Speaker to submit his resignation letter, MLA Bode Prasad took the resignation and tore it. Later Vamsi was calmed down with the intervention of Nara Lokesh.

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