Kajal & Srinivas Kicked The ‘KIKI’


Recently, KIKI challenge has spread out very quickly. It is a social media challenge that a person steps down from the moving car and dance to the song besides their slowly moving car and gets back into the car without any injuries. The song that ‘In my feelings’ was composed by Canadian superstar Drake though the US comedian Shoker is believed to be the inventor of this Kiki challenge. This challenge went viral on social media and so many people took this challenge and gone injured. So, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and other cities’ police trying to aware and to control it.

A few days back, some heroines also have taken this challenge and posted on Twitter. Now, Kajal and Bellamkonda Srinivas also have taken this challenge but they took it for creating awareness the people. They posted the video on Twitter and they showed in the video that what happens after taking kiki challenge. They said that don’t be foolish by taking this challenge and be safe.

One thing is we shouldn’t do this type of dangerous challenges. Of course, some can do without any injuries but who can imagine the accidents. Of course, it may thrill us, at the same time it can kill also. So, ice bucket challenge, Haritha haram’s green challenge are for society and those are important, inspiring one. And, appreciating thing is celebrities also involve to aware and help police teams. Now, Kajal and Srinivas did it as responsible citizens and we should appreciate them.



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