TDP’s Status In Telangana Vs Yellow Media’s Projection

TDP’s Status In Telangana Vs Yellow Media’s Projection

Almost every Political party in the two Telugu States has its own channels to promote their agendas and manifestos to create buzz among the Public. However, some medians go further and state unbelievable facts which are quite contrasting to the real facts. Now the Yellow media falls under the same category as its claims are entirely different from the TDP’s present situation in the State of Telangana.The T-TDP despite its failure in the newest state joined the chorus of the main Opposition Congress to raise their collective voice against the ruling party TRS. Be it the famous Cash for Vote Scam or Political strategy, senior leaders like Revanth went to the Congress whereas the haters of CBN like Motkupalli are ready to shift their loyalties.

TDP’s National Chief CBN

Also, the TDP’s National Chief CBN completely left the Andhra settlers in Telangana as he is focusing his complete concentration on AP to regain Power. So the residents of Telangana who hail from AP have completely lost their faith on the Yellow camp and trying to find a party to save them. At the same time, TDP has decided to seek the help of Congress to sustain in Telangana and the alliance would aid the AP settlers. This may dent the votes of TRS but they are indirectly ditching their own party TDP which was found anti to Congress.

revanth reddy is next cm of telangana

If this is the situation in Telangana’s TDP fort, the Yellow media are busy propagating that it was Congress who came to take the help of TDP. Also, they went further and speculated that TDP has major vote bank than Congress which is completely opposite to the reality. Congress in the main Opposition of Telangana and it has bigger vote bank than the damaged T-TDP.


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