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HomelatestKalvakuntla Family Desperate To Outshine CBN Regarding Federal Front

Kalvakuntla Family Desperate To Outshine CBN Regarding Federal Front

The Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao the other day declared that his father KCR is the right and eligible leader to form the much needed Third Front in Indian Politics. In an attempt to have upper hand over CBN, KTR amidst the snap polls campaigning took time to speak about this Front.

Even though there were many speculations regarding this Third Front in India, KCR is the one who took the initiation and made official announcements openly in the media. Not stopping there, KCR met Dewa Gowda, Mamata Banerjee, and a few other leaders to discuss deeply this Front. However, this got diluted and KCR became busy with his State Politics. In no time, CBN due to his hatred on the Saffron party went a step ahead of TRS Chief and met many leaders including Congress as well. Despite forming the Third Front, CBN went for anti-Modi Front along with the AICC.

KTR who is restless looking at CBN’

KTR who is restless looking at CBN’s speed took time to counter the latter’s work in National Politics. Declaring that his father is the right one to form the Third Front against BJP and Congress, this young leader blamed CBN for joining hands with a rival party like Congress. KTR stated that CBN’s opportunistic Politics are very well seen by the common people and his desperateness to regain Power is quite visible to all. With this speech, KTR only showcased their insecurity over CBN regarding the National Fronts.

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