Kamal Haasan Announce New Political Party

Kamal Haasan Announce New Political Party

Kamal Haasan Announce New Political Party

Superstar Rajinikanth will be unofficial confirmation about his political party soon. Even he is not the official announcement about politics. But his relatives and what he doing is clearly says about Rajinikanth have interest in politics. In more forth elections Rajinikanth enters into politics. From many years, Rajinikanth discussing Politics now he has come to the conclusion. But Kamal is suddenly getting into politics. Hero Kamal Haasan announce new political party on Gandhi Jayanthi

But till now Rajinikanth party has not been announced. Kamal Hassan is talking about politics for a month and he is getting ready to keep party within ten days. According to the information, Kamal Haasan will announce the party during Gandhi Jayanti. Rajini party announcement takes time. We have to see whether this will be until elections or not.

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