Karan Johar Movie Deals With Prabhas


Karan Johar Movie Deals With Prabhas

Karan Johar Movie Deals With Prabhas: Young Rebel Star Prabhas got more fans than Bollywood heros with ‘Bahubali’ movie. Prabhas became a country-wide star. Naturally, Bollywood hero’s will have North wide fans but Prabhas had got the huge fan following of whole North and South. That’s why the big budget producer is in the queue to do the movie with Prabhas. As Bollywood source says recently Prabhas went to Karan Johar’s bash and he got 150 crores deal to produce the movie with Prabhas.

But there is no clarity of how many movies and when it will come. As Prabhas is busy in ‘Sahoo’ movie. With more than 150 crores of the budget in UV Creations, Vamsi and Pramod are producing ‘Sahoo’ with Hollywood International technicians. Even for ‘Sahoo’ movie also Karan Johar took patent right to produce in Bollywood. After ‘Sahoo’ Prabhas will do Bollywood movie.


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