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Katthi Mahesh And Pawan Kalyan Fans Compromise!

Katthi Mahesh And Pawan Kalyan Fans Compromise Attackers Speaks To Media

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Ending to a 4-month row of Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans, both the parties have finally come to an understanding and compromised on the issue. It was reported that Pawan Kalyan fans pelted eggs on Katthi Mahesh a couple of days back, while he was coming out of a TV news channel studio. Katthi Mahesh immediately rushed into the news channel premises and condemned the act. Moreover, Katthi Mahesh filed a complaint in the Madhapur Police station.

Shockingly, the Pawan Kalyan fans after attacking Katthi Mahesh with eggs came to the news studio. They explained why they had to indulge in such act. After some high drama at the news studio, Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans went to the Madhapur Police Station. Even Dileep Sunkara from Janasena party and other joined them. Correspondingly, both the parties agreed for a compromise in front of the police. Later, Katthi Mahesh withdrew his complaint.

Soon, Kona Venkat, an ace writer in Tollywood, expressed his gladness over the recent happenings. His tweet read:‘I thank Murthy garu of Mahaa TV for bringing a solution and big relief to all PK fans… Big thanks to Kalyan Dileep Sunkara, Vishnu Nagireddy, Koti, Ramkee garu and all the best wishers of PK who stood behind @PawanKalyan to end this nuisance.’ Kona Venkat also thanked Katthi Mahesh for coming forward and ending the issue forever.

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