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In-flight Internet Services In India

Trai Recommends In-flight Internet Services And Mobile Calls In India

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One cannot imagine a world without smartphones and internet connectivity. The human race is completely dependent on connectivity. In most parts of the world, mobile and internet connectivity during a flight is still a dream. Though few companies came forward with proposals, they are hardly limited to few countries. Given the regulations and security concerns in India, no airline is allowed to use in-flight internet services in India so far.

But the latest decision from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is welcomed by the Aviation industry. TRAI has allowed the in-flight Internet services in India from hereon. This allows the airlines to provide mobile connectivity, and Wi-Fi during the flight. TRAI has also set some regulations for the same.

The passengers can only use these services once the flight attains a minimum altitude of 3,000mts. Currently, very few airlines in the world are providing in-flight internet services. TRAI still maintained that Wi-Fi should be used only on ‘aeroplane mode’ enabled electronic gadgets.

The new feature has the ability to be both feasible and commercially successful option for the airlines. An antenna will be attached to the fuselage of the aircraft, which can pick up the signals. The aircrafts can access network services using the terrestrial (mobile) towers along the path of the aircraft.

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