KCR brings Hindu card for Lok Sabha elections

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The Telangana Chief Minister has given enough work to his brain yet again to gain the momentum for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of India. This time, he shot two birds BJP and AICC with one bullet named Hindutva.

In his recent meeting in Karimnagar, KCR expressed his desire to dictate the Central Politics. For the first time, KCR who bats himself as a secular leader declared that he is the best Hindu leader in the Indian Politics. He pointed out at the Indian Prime Minister Modi for claiming himself as the best Hindu by utilizing the recent victory on Terrorist camps in Pakistan.

Not stopping there, KCR reminded that he did more Yagams and rituals than Modi and that made him more Hindu than the Indian Prime Minister. At the same time, KCR asked people to teach AICC a big lesson to end its decade long dynastic Politics. Finally, the TRS Chief urged the voters of Telangana to make TRS sweep the Lok Sabha polls and all 17, including one AIMIM to decide the PM candidate.

Political experts opine that this is a smart strategy implemented by KCR to check BJP’s newfound fame post-Indian attack on JeM camps in the name of Patriotism. KCR wants to suppress BJP and Congress vote bank as much as he can in the State of Telangana. These experts, however, state that the new Hindu card might not work as far as Telangana is concerned


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