PK backs up BJP with Plan-B ?

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The most celebrated Political advisor cum campaign strategist of India, Prasanth Kishore is speculated to be writing a backup plan in case if BJP fails in the upcoming Parliament elections. Breathe taking details of his plan-B as follows:

Even though Modi is sure to regain Power for the second time in a row, the raising anti-Modi wave and the formation of parallel fronts is troubling him to the core. As a result, Indian PM called in his favorite strategist PK to the rescue of NDA sarkar. Known for playing a crucial role in making Modi as PM in 2014, Prashant Kishore is now working for many regional parties like YSRCP, JDU, etc..,.

In case if BJP gets fewer seats in the Lok Sabha elections and falls shorter than the magical figure, PK has advised the Shiv Sena to continue its alliance with the BJP to gain the Power. In case if this also fails,  PK is now thinking of uniting these regional parties as a parallel front. This front shall be headed by the Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar, and the front will be comprised of Shiv Sena, JDU, YSRCP, JDS, AIADMK and TRS to form a parallel anti-Modi, anti-Congress Government.

Known to be the vice president of Janata Dal-United, he is interested to make Nitish Kumar as the PM candidate and take NDA to the Power. Whatever might be the case, PK has become the key player of Central Politics.


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